Valentine's Single

by Percy and the Prefects

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released February 14, 2014



all rights reserved


Percy and the Prefects Ogden, Utah

Percy Weasley found an old portrait of Cedric Diggory. Together they jammed, wrote songs about their lives, and started the Wizard Rock band Percy and the Prefects. Other Prefects that have been in the band are Tom Riddle, Albus Dumbledore, and Horace Slughorn. ... more

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Track Name: Penelope Clearwater
Penelope Clearwater
we were meant to be
and we'll tell the entire world
well eventually
but for right now let's keep it a secret just between you and me
Penelope Clearwater we were meant to be

I hope you don't mind this secret love
that we keep
but I know you know my twin brothers
which is why we can't let this leak
because oh the humility they would bring... upon me
Penelope Clearwater I love you but secretly

When I heard you'd been petrified it was too much for me to take
I almost turned in my prefect badge to steal you a mandrake
so I could make you the potion to wake you from this sleep
we could find an empty classroom which reminds me for the time being

Don't worry about that day Ginny
caught us snogging
she won't ruin your prefect rep while you're sleeping
because she's currently
occupied being possessed by lord Voldemort's old diary
Penelope Clearwater you are safe with me

Penelope Clearwater we were meant to be
Track Name: Lonely Valentine's (Because I'm Dead)
I walk the streets of Hogsmeade
in this broken body
it's been almost a year since the triwizard cup
since I died in that tournament
I'm heading to Madame Puddifoot's
where I took Cho Chang last Valentine's
and I know no one can see me
I'm just going to pass the time

but there in the window I see her
sharing a table with Harry Potter
the one that was there the night that I died
how dare he sits in that chair while I'm freezing outside

This is going to be a lonely valentine's

I spent months studying
in the Hogwarts library
trying to find some kind of spell
that will let her see dead people
if only fairy tales existed
I'd run straight home
and grab my Tales of Beedle the Bard
and start my quest for the resurrection stone

Fred and George can I have some of your candy
make it the kind that gives never ending nose bleeds
it's not for me it's for my old pal Harry
just give me anything that will get him out of that seat

This is going to be a lonely valentine's there's no one to be mine
I'm here watching my Cho Chang as she... wait
she's looking towards me
I wave and I scream could she possibly see me
but no she turns back to her tea with Harry
This is going to be a lonely valentine's

Let's take it back to the hangleton graveyard
my body cold on the ground
your spell was locked with Voldemort's
and I came out of your wand

And I asked you to take my body back to my dad
sadly I didn't think to say
hey Harry keep your hands off Cho Chang