Which is Witch Demos

by Percy and the Prefects

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released June 25, 2016



all rights reserved


Percy and the Prefects Ogden, Utah

Percy Weasley found an old portrait of Cedric Diggory. Together they jammed, wrote songs about their lives, and started the Wizard Rock band Percy and the Prefects. Other Prefects that have been in the band are Tom Riddle, Albus Dumbledore, and Horace Slughorn. ... more

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Track Name: Which is Witch
Last week we found
Hanging up upside down
A petrified Mrs. Norris
Enemies of the heir
Written here beware
The chamber of secrets has been opened

As a prefect I must protect my fellow students of Hogwarts
I skip dinner just to see her but what do I find

Ron stop going into the girls bathroom

First of all you appear
In this hall listen here
Ron you’re a prime suspect
Second thing ladies room
What’s wrong with you
Ron that’s a girl’s bathroom

Can’t you see the difference between the signs marking the toilets
Which is witch and which is wizard it can’t be that hard

Last year Halloween
When you saved Hermione
They found you in the girls bathroom
That one time let it slide
But now you’re back inside
Ron don’t make this a habit

And if anything think about me your wonderful prefect brother Percy
If people assume you’re in the womens room it looks bad on me
Track Name: Ten Galleons
Ten Galleons on you Harry
I don’t even have them to spend
But Penny wants to bet and she’ll be dead broke
When you leave with that snitch in your hand

Back in his first year his first flying class
Malfoy was there being the usual git
The remembrall he sent it soaring
Potter took off just barely snatching it

What happened then you could call fate
He is about to change the rules are about to change

Harry Potter his true home is out on the quidditch pitch
Harry Potter I heard when he was born he flew out on a broomstick
Harry Potter the first first year to play flying is in his bones
Harry Potter when he grabs that snitch we'll both be grabbing gold

My finances well I’m a Weasley
I’ve barely ever had galleon to my name
But with you Harry I know there’s no risk
When the snitch shows you’ll be ending the game

But she doesn’t think you can beat Cho Chang
Well she is about to change yeah she’ll be cheering your name

Harry Potter

Let’s all go down to the quidditch pitch
We all know Griffindor is going to win
Because Harry has got the eye for that golden snitch
He’ll be bringing me home lots of galleons
Track Name: Mad-Eye Moody
Mad-Eye Moody what is that you’re doing
You’ve got your little flask you don’t hide
As you open and pour the potion inside
A pick me up put me down
All these pains you’re trying to drown
Was aurorship too much to handle
I think you set a lousy example

I’ve had my share of defense against the dark arts professors
From Quirrell to the phony then a werewolf
But from what I’ve heard you’re the worst
I’m sure it’s difficult to manage missing a leg and missing an eye
I’ll give you house points for that but I don’t like your teaching style

Those three curses were banned for a reason
They’re unforgivable even in a classroom demonstration
Isn’t there curriculum
Just stick to ministry approved education

Can I ask about your strange interest in Harry Potter
We still haven’t figured out how his name got in the goblet of fire
He has done surprisingly well for himself in the first two tasks
We suspect he is getting some help
Would you know anything about that

I’ve heard stories from the wizarding war
How you’re known as the greatest auror
And as I understand you filled half of Azkaban
But please reconsider your retirement plan

Mad-Eye I just heard
About Barty Crouch Junior that’s absurd
I’m sure it stunk locked in your trunk
Forget this whole tune because I never knew you
Track Name: Scabbers and Ron (Freaky Little Man)
Your rat is a freaky little man
He's a death eater was part of a dark plan
He betrayed the parents of your best friend
Now they’re dead and he’s going to kill again
Yeah he’s going to kill again

Yes it’s true he started as my pet
But I never took to him not the way that you did
I think it’s sweet the way that you reacted
How your life had ended when you thought he was dead
Every boy needs a best friend
Yours just turned out to be a freaky little man
He’s done things that I’ll never understand
First he cut off his finger next he’ll cut off his hand

And how many nights did you spend with that murderer in your room
With nothing to do except to stare at you watch while you snooze

When you’re lazy we can always tell
Because the burrow starts to fill with that horrible smell
We get on to you for days and days
Before you finally clean out that full grown man’s cage
Is it cute when he eats from your hand
That freaky little man nibbling from your hand
And when it’s stormy I bet it’s nice
To have him to hold tight protect you through the night

And how many secrets did you whisper and keep
Just between you two
Of dreams you’d hope would come true of Hermione and you
Now he’s telling you know who

Scabbers is not a rat he’s a man
Which makes it weird that you used to play with him
Scabbers is not a rat he’s a man
And I bet he’s missing his old friend